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Sea of Liberty is here !!

You say you want a Revolution? .. Well, you know ... We all want to change the world !!

 My latest historical novel, Sea of Liberty, is now available. Climb aboard for a trip through the Revolutionary War and the age of privateers.

 Look for it in local bookstores, on or on Kindle. You can also order signed copies from me.

Sea of Liberty is the third book in a series of historical novels based on the storied maritime history of my ancestors. It comes from years of research on my family history, which include privateer Eligood Mills. Family legend states that he sailed on the vessel Grand Turk and was captured by the British.

The start of the Revolutionary War has received the Hollywood treatment this year with a variety of cable shows providing a series of episodes on the subject.

What they all seem to miss, however, are the nautical issues that helped spark the revolt against the British. They also neglect to mention the vital role of privateers in the war effort.

Sea of Liberty, addresses both subjects in a historical novel set in the age of revolution and privateers. It is the story of the Revolutionary War that you haven't heard.

"With swashbuckling action and suspense, Mills includes pirate chases, bloody sea battles, capture and escape, murder and torture, betrayal and retribution and some nifty seagoing trickery, as men fight on the high seas and families wait forlornly ashore." wrote Bill Bushnell in his review of Sea of Liberty for the Central Maine Newspapers.

The other books in the series include my first novel Sons and Daughters of the Ocean and Breakwater.

In Sea of Liberty, merchant mariner Eli Miller returns home to discover a strong British presence along the Eastern Seaboard.

With revolution about to break out, Miller must choose between serving the cause of liberty or serving his family. Despite a past that still haunts him, Miller agrees to captain a privateer and hauls out to wage war against the British.

When he is captured, his life and liberty are in peril. He vows to escape or die trying. Sea of Liberty is a story of good and evil, war and peace, love and loss, faith and freedom.

The book also features wonderful characters like the eccentric sea captain Ezra Budwick, the angry British officer Thomas Kane and Faith Hamilton, a woman who finds herself serving the role of others instead of herself.

The three-book series follows the Miller family over three generations, 100 years apart.

Sons and Daughters of the Ocean chronicles three teenagers growing up in the age of sail in the 1870's. Each of their lives are shaped by the seafaring environment around them. One of those youths is Albert Miller, the great grandson of privateer Eli Miller.

Historical Novel Review wrote this about Sons and Daughters of the Ocean:

"While the opening portion of this book builds gradually, readers should be encouraged to know that there are genuinely tense scenes later on, as well as some powerfully descriptive and detailed passages about ocean storms and sailing. Kevin C. Mills confidently guides his readers through this nautical tale with an unfailing knowledge of his subject."

The Bangor Daily News review said this about Sons and Daughters of the Ocean.

" Great efforts are made here to bring the world of 19th century seagoing Maine to life. "

Breakwater follows the Miller family generations later after Sons and Daughters of the Ocean. Though not a sequel to the first novel, a few characters make return appearances in Breakwater.

 It is a story of love, faith and tragedy as two members of the Miller family seek to understand the purpose of their lives.You'll be swept away as both Miller's lead you to the peace amidst their storms.

Hal Miller, the son of Albert Miller in Sons and Daughters of the Ocean, is struggling to put his life in perspective. His wife's health is declining. As she descends into madness, he struggles to avoid his own demise. He wonders why his life has to be this way.

His grandson Clark has dreams that are too tired to come true. He has lost his will to find happiness. He fears where that may lead him. When he reconnects with a lost love, everything changes.

Both characters try to understand their destinies but find a power they never imagined.

The Kennebec Journal and Waterville Sentinel wrote:

"Mills vividly and convincingly describes the emotions of love, happiness, missed opportunities, sadness and loss both men experience. They are good men confronting life as best they can, trying to do the right thing no matter their sacrifice."

Mills has also written a non-fiction book called Sidelined. It features the story behind some of his best stories and some of his favorite misadventures.

The Kennebec Journal wrote:

"SIDELINED is Maine sports reporter Kevin Mills' funny and perceptive memoir of his more than 20 years experience on the sports beat, covering everything from football, basketball and hockey, to skiing, auto racing, soccer and sailing."

The New Maine Times review said:

"These thirty-five short chapters offer fascinating insight into the hectic life of a sports reporter, which as it turns out, is anything but a glamorous job. It is a job of statistics, egos, quirky personalities, contacts, deadlines, game coverage day and night, in all types of weather, often working for editors who have no appreciation for the demands on a sports reporter's time and effort."

Check out the reviews, interviews, press and reader comments on the press page.

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* Look for Sea of Liberty in these area stores. Sherman's Books (Camden, Boothbay, Bar Harbor, Freeport), Beyond the Sea (Lincolnville), Discover Portsmouth (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) and the Penobscot Marine Museum (Searsport).

* Follow Eli Miller as he combats his past as well as the British during the age of the privateer. My new novel is loosely based on my ancestor, a privateer and one of the early merchant mariners to sail out of Portsmouth.
Sea of Liberty completes the series of three books based on the storied maritime history of my ancestors. It is loosely based on privateer Eligood Mills, who sailed on the Grand Turk, (depicted below), and was captured by the British forces.

*My new notecards are available. I have a set of four that feature my photography and excerpts from my novels Sons and Daughters of the Ocean and Breakwater. They are $2 each and four for $6. They'll be available at all appearances and can be ordered  through me.

   * I recently earned a pair of awards for my work as a sports journalist. My feature on handi-capable coaches won first place in the New England Press Association contest.

My feature on Lewiston's soccer evolution was selected among the top 10 in the nation at the Associated Press Sports Editor's Conference.

*Sons and Daughters of the Ocean recently reached No. 13 in Amazon's Historical Fiction category.

* Breakwater reached No. 4 in Maritime Fiction and 22nd in Historical Fiction on Amazon.

* I was featured in the Facetime section of the Lewiston Sun Journal  recently. Author Mark LaFlamme interviews me.

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* Find me on Twitter @KevinCMills


Freeport Community Library
Monday, July 6, 6:30 p.m.
The Independence Day celebration continues with my talk about the Revolutionary War and privateers.

Beyond the Sea Book Festival
Saturday, July 25, 2 p.m. -  4 p.m.
I'll be speaking about the age of privateers and signing copies of my books during their book festival.

Maine Lobster Festival, Rockland
Thursday, July 30 thru Sunday, August 2, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
I'll be in the Marine Tent all four days. I'll have my own table most days but I'll be working at the Maine Author's Publishing table on Saturday.

Teaberry Arts Council Art Walk, Rumford
Sunday, August 16, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
This was a great event last year at the Hosmer Field Complex in Rumford. Looking forward to being back there.

I'm still in the process of booking dates for appearances in 2015. If you know of an organization that would like to have me speak or arrange for a book signing of some sort, please have them contact me.


Voted Best    Author 2011

I was voted Best Author in the 2011 Portland Phoenix Readers Poll.

"Maine runs in Kevin C. Mills's blood. His concerns are the maritime history that his own family was involved in for generations; Sons and Daughters of the Ocean is a novel loosely based on his family's stories. Also an award-winning journalist, Mills has been covering Maine sports for decades. " ... from
the Portland Phoenix

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