Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles: The New Trending Flooring Option

Carpet tiles are the new trend that seeks to replace the use of carpet broadlooms. The tiles come in varied sizes with the standard size being 18″ X 18″. By design, the tiles provide a lasting flooring option particularly for the residential and commercial spaces that have little time to spare for doing routine floor maintenance and care. Also, these flooring options come in an array of geometric, textural, and tonal designs.

The different sizes available make it easier to determine the quantity of carpet tile required for an installation. The best brands in the market offer the end user a myriad of design opportunities ranging from the aesthetics to functionality with creative borders, patterns and customization options available. Nevertheless, all these mix of options have two distinctive things; they tiles can be made using a loop or twist style, irrespective of the material used be it wool, olefin, rayon, nylon, cotton, or polyester.

I. The loop carpet tile is very durable since the yarn used is uncut resulting in a stylish design and texture that is both practical and durable. Loop tiles are the best carpet flooring choice for areas such as the living room, basement, patio, and recreation room that experience a high traffic or activities

II. The twist carpet tile has cut yarns that are twisted tightly together to produce a product that has a soft yet sturdy finish. The twist can be done in varied levels; the higher or lower the twist level, the tougher or softer the texture and performance of the tiles. As such, it is the twist level that will determine where each is suited for installation. The softer finish being ideal for places such as the bedroom, media rooms, and dining rooms while the tough finish ideal for the living room or patio.

Choosing The Right Tiles For Carpet Flooring

The wonderful thing about these tiles is they are conveniently manufactured to be do-it-yourself flooring options. Thus, a person only needs to know which is the best choice and this can be tricky with a high probability of going over the top since there are many options available. It is possible to make the right choice by:

• Consulting with the retailer to get informative and expert assistance and advice about the design, measurements, and proper installation.

• Having a clear idea of the final design to achieve from the carpeting; it will help you pick the most suitable pattern and tile textures as well as colors.

• Getting the measurements right to ensure the carpet tiles have in the correct styles and dimensions to fix the size of the room.