Auto Glass Replacement

Found A Plano Auto Glass Replacement Company That Came To Me

I was driving on the interstate one day when a rock flew up from the car in front of me and hit my windshield. This caused a chip in the glass. For the time being, I dealt with the chip, but then it slowly turned into a crack that I knew I would need to get fixed. Since I only had liability insurance on my vehicle, I wanted to find the cheapest company to do the work for me.

I went online and searched for Plano auto glass replacement companies. I found several of them around. I looked over their reviews that I found on Google with their listing. I wanted to make sure I hired a good company. Then I decided to call around to see what they charged. I called each company to find out how much it would cost to have my windshield replaced. I also wanted to know when I could make an appointment with them to get the work done. There were a few of the companies that would come to wherever I was at to replace the glass. This sounded like the most convenient option and I hired the Plano auto glass replacement company that was the cheapest and would come to me.

The company I hired was able to come to me the next day and install the new windshield in my car. It was a really quick process that I thought would really take a lot longer than it did. However, I was wrong. It took about a half an hour and I didn’t even have to leave work to do it. I was pretty happy with how easy it was.

I was able to pay the auto glass replacement company right then and there. I was on my break when they were done with it and was able to write them out a check for the work. It was fairly cheap and I just can’t get over how easy it was for them to do. Now I don’t need to worry about the crack getting larger or any other issues that could arise out of having a cracked windshield. I am glad I found this company and I know that I will call them again in the future if I have any other issues with glass needing replaced in my car.