Plano Tree Care Companies

Found Several Plano Tree Care Companies To Trim A Tree For Me

I have this old tree outside my home and it’s really close to the power lines that run into my home. I knew this year I would need to get it trimmed before it caused any issues with the electricity. I wasn’t sure who to call for the job, because I never had this type of work done before.

I asked a neighbor of mine if he knew of any companies that would cut down a tree that close to the power line. He said he wasn’t really sure about any but he would let me know if he heard of any in the area.

After I talked to him I went online and searched for Plano tree care companies to see what I could find. I found lots of different companies that could do this for me. I was also able to see reviews about them and saw some really great ones about all of them. I decided to call around to see if I could get estimates from them. I told each company which tree I was concerned about and that would need trimmed. They were able to stop over while I was at work and call me back with quotes for what it would cost me. I got these quotes from about 5 different companies.

After narrowing down my options I decided which company would be the best one to hire for the job. Their price was a little lower than the other Plano tree care companies and one of my co-workers recommended them to me. They said that they had hired them for the same type of job and they were the cheapest for them to hire and did a good job.

I called the company and let them know I wanted to hire them. From there, I was able to set up an appointment with them to trim the tree. They said I didn’t need to be present to pay them and that they could send me a bill in the mail for the work. This was really great and made it easier on me because I wouldn’t need to take the day off or any time off for that matter.

I arrived home from work the day they trimmed the tree and I was happy with the way it looked. They even cleaned up their mess.